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Leaks make a cheap roof expensive and your home or business deserves the best.

We deliver safety and quality service to our residential and commercial roofing customers. Our highly skilled and trained staff handles the installation, maintenance and repair of your roofing systems no matter the type or size.

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Are you looking for a roofing contractor in Scranton, PA, with years of experience inspecting, building, repairing and maintaining roofs?

At Pro Roofer Scranton, we’ve been providing roofing services to residential and commercial customers for over a decade.

Whether it is shingles, tiles, slate or metal roofs, you can bet that we have the experience and tools to handle any job, regardless of size or scope.

As a business owner or a homeowner, a leaking roof or one that’s causing structural damage can be your worst nightmare. That’s why it’s important to not just hire any roofer, but the best one to help mitigate any damage and build a roof that lasts.

If you’ve recently noticed a leak, perhaps noticed a few missing shingles or roof damage, our team is just a phone call away.

We will be more than happy to come to your location to carry out a thorough inspection and provide you with a no-obligation quote for the job.

We Offer Roof Maintenance in Scranton, PA

Even though your roof is built to last, like everything else, it has a service life.

The average, well-built shingle roof, which happens to be one of the most common roofing materials, can last for up to 20 years, if not more. However, that’s only if you take care of it.

Professional roof maintenance can extend the service life of your roof considerably.

Annual maintenance and inspection will ensure that your roof can hold up to just about anything from hail to storms.

Our professional roof maintenance starts with a thorough inspection. If your roof hasn’t been professionally maintained in a while, we strongly suggest that you give us a call.

Many roofing problems go unnoticed by the homeowner until it is too late, which is why it’s important to schedule annual maintenance, especially for older homes.

Need Emergency Roofing Repair In Scranton?

Your roof can only hold up to so much of the elements, depending on when and how well it was built, and the material used. Even metal roofs need repair; after all, they are being bombarded by everything from falling leaves to storms and hail.

While timely roof repair can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in the long term, a professional outfit using quality materials can save you even more money.

At Pro Roofers Scranton, our emphasis is on using the best materials for repair and installation. In our experience, this approach helps save our clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long term.

Furthermore, our roof repair and roof replacement service come backed by a warranty.

Our goal with is to make sure it is better than new! Have a damaged roof that needs urgent repairs? Feel free to contact the roofing pros for free estimates.

We Are Certified and Insured Roof Installation Contractors

Installing a roof or re roofing an existing one requires careful consideration of everything from the size to material and budget you have for the project.

That’s why you don’t just want to hire any roofing contractor in Scranton, but the very best available.

We are certified, insured and bonded, roofing contractors with years of experience installing new roofs and reroofing both residential and commercial properties across Scranton PA.

Our new roof installation services also come backed by a warranty, it assures our clients that the construction will last for years.

Have a question about our roof installation service? Our team will be more than happy to discuss what you need.

Sensibly Priced Professional Roofing Contractors

Many homes and business owners assume that if they want quality roofing work, it will cost them top dollar, when we’ve proven that’s not the case.

As the leading roofing company in Scranton, PA, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our clients can enjoy the best value for money, while keeping the price down.

Sure, high-quality roofing materials are expensive. Also, if you get a certified roofing contractor with years of experience, they will charge more than your average fly-by-night operation.

However, a professional and certified roofing contractor working with the best materials can build a shingle roof that lasts.

In the long term, you will save money and add value to your home. After all, many potential homebuyers are concerned about the integrity of the roof.

One that is well-built, will lead them to assume that you haven’t cut corners elsewhere.

When you choose us, not only are you assured of a well-built roof, but our services are sensibly priced.

Whether it is asphalt, shingles, tiles or any other roofing material, we deliver the best bang for your roofing dollars. Also, our professionals work with you to assure 100% satisfaction from start to finish.

Let's Discuss Your Roofing Needs

Whether you need re roofing, a new roof installation, repair or advice, we are here are to help you.

We work with clients in various locations across Scranton, Lake Ariel, Wilkes Barre, Clarks Summit and many other nearby zip codes in Pennsylvania

That’s why, if you ever need professional roofing contractors who offer quality work, do not hesitate to call our office number at (570) 565-0255 or fill out our brief online form.

Our team will be more than happy to discuss what you need and pay you a visit for a thorough inspection.

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